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Google Shopping Setup & Coaching Program

Grow your Sales and Profits with Google Shopping
Faster Path to Profits
Google Shopping is one of the best channels for small to midsize eCommerce stores, but there many "money traps" that can waste your ad spend and cost you countless hours of wasted time.  Use our set-by-step Setup & Strategies to drive Profitable Sales from Google Shopping fast!
Strategies for Small Budgets
Our Keyword Targeted Campaign Method (KTC Method™) allows you to focus your ad spend on the best keywords and products... even if you have a lower ad spend budget!  Don't know your best keywords... we help you find them!  Plus we provide unlimited support and gudiance to get you on the best possible path to sales and profits.
Powerful Machine Learning Software...With Personalized Campaign Management
Our team of experienced Google Shopping experts use advanced software and strategies to give you the best performance possible. We take the work out of your hands and personally monitor and optimize your ads. We never risk your account being run by fully automated machines.

WARNING:   DO NOT use "default" Google Shopping campaigns that most agencies or Google support teams will setup.  They will just "Spray and Pray" or "Shotgun" ad spend over all the keywords that Google's algorithm thinks is relevant, which results in you spending a lot more in ad spend with no clue how to optimize or improve!  

BETTER PROCESS:  Use our Google Shopping KTC Method™ to focus your ad spend on high ROI keywords, drive profitable sales, optimize based on the actionable search term data and then grow by adding more keywords and products.  

With the KTC Method™, worst case is you spend less in ad spend while getting valuable data on what needs to be improved.  Best case is you get a profitable, stable, scalable foundation to build and grow your sales and profits from Google Shopping.

Why I Created This Program?
Many new eCommerce Store Owners want to see profitable sales from Google Shopping, but they don't know where to start and want to start with smaller budgets until they see profitable sales.  

Often times, this leads them to following the advice of Google reps, using "beginner" freelancers, or setting up default Google Shopping campaigns themselves.  

The problem is this leads to them getting burned by what we call... "Money Traps"!

"Money Traps" make Google more money, but they waste your money and require you to spend more and more.  Sort of like throwing spaghettis against the wall to see what sticks.  

This is why we offer our Setup + Coaching program! We want to help you use the advanced strategies and targeting typically only used by big budget advertisers. This will help you avoid those “money traps” and make Google Shopping work for your business!
Google Shopping Setup + Coaching Program
About The Setup & Coaching Program
This Setup + Coaching Program is specifically designed for Shopify store owners just starting with Google Shopping and looking for a low cost, proven process for making Google Shopping work for your business.

This is a “hybrid” program... part done for you and part done with you.  Our team of Google Shopping experts help you start and launch profitable Google Shopping campaigns.  Collectively, we work together to get your Google Shopping campaigns on the best possible path for success. Then we support you and help you grow by providing unlimited technical questions and answers plus group and/or one-on-one strategy and performance calls with our founder Kurt Prosser.

Our goal is to set your Google Shopping advertising on the best possible path at the lowest possible cost so you can see a positive ROI fast.  
Who Can Benefit From This Program?
  • New Shopify Store Owners: Just getting started with ads for your Shopify store? Grow your sales and profits with a proven system designed for low budgets.
  • High Ticket Dropshippers: Get started on the right track and short-cut your success with a winning Google Shopping strategy that works for your products
  • Amazon Sellers: Grow off Amazon!!!  Use the KTC Method™ with your AMZ PPC data to target high ROI google searches and drive sales to your Shopify store.
  • ​Agencies & Freelancers: Digital marketers, freelancers and agencies looking for white label setup and ongoing support for low budget advertisers.   

Have Questions? Contact Us: (800) 870-2656

Google shopping SETUP + COACHING
Per Month Plus 2% of Revenue From 
Campaigns We Manage.  ($299 is due today and then 
$299 + 2%  due 30 days from now.)
  • Google Shopping Campaign Setup
  • Conversion Tracking Setup (Shopify Only)
  • Data Feed Optimization
  • Keyword Research and Strategy
  • Monthly One-on-one Screen Share Calls
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • Unlimited Strategy & Product Reviews
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Website and Product Page Review & Feedback
  • Keyword Targeted Campaign Setup
  • Product Strategy for Google Shopping
  • 45+ Video Lessons, Guides and PDFs

What's Included

Ask your coach any question and get a video or message response



Continuing product placement strategy will be the key to scaling your profits

Google shopping SETUP + COACHING
Billed Monthly PLUS One-Time Setup and Strategy Fee $299 (Total of $448 due today).
  • Unlimited Coaching & Support
  • 45+ Video Lessons and Guides
  • Google Shopping Campaign Setup
  • Keyword Research and Strategy
  • Going Live Screen Share Call
  • Week 1 - Dedicated Team Optimization
  • Account Hand Off Screen Share Call
  • In-Depth Performance Review Screen Share Call
  • Website and Product Page Review & Feedback
  • Keyword Targeted Campaign Setup
  • 12 Month Access to The Ultimate Google Shopping Course:
  • Product Placement Strategy for Google Shopping
  • Dedicated Basecamp profile
  • Support Resources
  • Maximum Ad Spend of $1,000 per month
  • Note: this program is for Shopify Store Owners ONLY



60min Screen Share 
Call to review your account and answer all your questions!


Hurry, before all of the available spots for Students are filled

What to Expect

This is a true "hybrid" program... our team does some of the work, you do some of the work and then we work together to grow your sales and profits from Google Shopping.  There are four setups… 

Step 1 - Setup & Build

You will need to do some of the basic account linking and account creation, but we do all the campaign build out using our KTC Method. For example, you would need to create a Google Merchant center account if you do not have one.  We make getting live on Google Shopping simple and quick.  Of course, we have step by step instructions showing you exactly what needs to be done, and if you get stuck, we will walk you through how to set up anything.

Step 2 - Keyword + Product Strategy

We both do this work and then further strategize on the screen share call.  This is important, because you you know your products and customers better than us.  Therefore, our goal is to take your product, customer and market knowledge and combine it with our keyword research and experience to have the best possible targeting for profitable sales.  We want to find profitable keyword and product combinations as fast as possible.  

Step 3 - Validation & Growth

Once your ads go live...we want to validate profitable sales and grow.  Our team will monitor ad positions, adjust bids, optimize product titles, test new ad images and etc. to improve performance.   You will add new products, brainstorm new keywords, monitor competitors, improve value propositions, improve product pages, and etc. to help validate profitable sales.  Again, our goal is to find winning product and keyword combinations and grow by adding more keywords and products.  This allows you to take a "slow and steady" approach to growing your sales and profits from Google Shopping. 

Step 4 - Optimization

Data, Data, Data... data can be confusing, so we do the analysis and then provide recommendations.  By targeting very specific keyword and product combinations, we get more accurate data to help us understand what needs to be optimized and/or improved.   Again, we will be managing your campaigns, but on a monthly basis we will get on a call with you to review what the data is telling us and what needs to be done to increase your ROAS and grow sales.   The monthly "calls" are done via screen share, but there are unlimited strategy questions and technical support questions via Basecamp messages.  We are here to help you succeed.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with platforms besides Shopify?
This program… the Setup + Coaching program is designed for Shopify stores.  However, if you have another platform, we can manage the ads, but your developer may need to do things like connect a feed, add tracking code, etc, etc. If you do not have a developer or are not able to add code to your website, we may not be able to help you. 
Why do I have to do some of the work?
Our goal is to help you use Google Shopping to launch and grow your eCommerce business and avoid all those “money traps”. It is sort of like how a restaurant owner knows enough about cooking food and running a kitchen to be successful and avoid making mistakes, but he/she doesn’t need to be the head chef or creator of the recipes. By doing things in partnership, it not only saves you from wasteful mistakes today, it gets you on the right track for long term success. Of course, we want to see you validate and grow your business beyond the ground level, and then hire us to really scale up your ads.  

What if I have a suspended Google Ads account?
If you have a suspended Google Ad account or Google Merchant center account, first, confirm that you have met all Google policies. Then, we recommend working with Google support to resolve the issue. If they cannot get the account approved, we recommend creating new accounts, with new email addresses, new credit cards and new contact information. Unfortunately, we do not assist in getting accounts out of suspension unless it gets suspended during our monthly service. 

 Do you offer white label services or referral program?  
Yes, we work with several agencies and eCommerce coaching programs.  The level of white labeling depends on how involved you want to be with the client and how many clients you sign up with.  If you have a few smaller clients with low ad spend and you want to be involved, this program could be a good fit.  If you have larger clients and/or you have several clients, our full service program will be a better option.  In many cases, we develop a custom white label program to meet your needs.   Schedule a call to discuss our white label services and/or referral program.
Is Google Shopping right for me?
If you are selling products, then yes Google Shopping could be a good channel. However, we like to think of eCommerce marketing in terms of primary channels and secondary channels. If you are a beauty product, fashion product, impulse type product, innovative product or similar type products, then Google Shopping could be a great secondary channel after marking via Facebook, Instagram, influencers, etc. If you are a utility product, commodity product, research heavy product or high ticket product, Google Shopping is a great primary channel.  
If I’m marketing on Facebook and Instagram, why should I market on Google Shopping? 
The simple answer is to diversify your traffic sources. However, the better answer is to protect your brand and products and to “own” the secondary channel. We get lots of calls from companies who have a popular t-shirt slogan, trendy product, beauty product or popular fashion product that has spent a lot of time and money creating the market through Facebook, Instagram and influencer marketing, but they suddenly see aggressive competitors “stealing” sales by running low price Google Shopping ads. 
Who will I be working with and communicating with on a regular basis?
You will have two points of contact.. Your Account Management Coach will be the main point of contact for initial strategy, keyword research, campaign, guidance, technical questions, etc, etc. He/she will be on phone calls, screen share sessions and be available for technical questions. Other team members may jump in to offer guidance or support on specific subjects, i.e. data feeds or google analytics. For performance or strategy questions, you will be working with Kurt Prosser or another senior member. These calls will be held in a group setting or direct videos.   
 Why should I work with you? 
This is a great question...of course, we have a long track record of successfully growing sales and profits with Google Shopping.. .since 2013. We’ve scaled several eCommerce companies from $0 to over six figures. However, the biggest reason is we’ve designed this service to specifically offer Shopify store owners the best possible path at the lowest possible cost, which gives them the highest opportunity for fast profits. No long term contracts or high agency retainers. Our goal is to get you on the right track, start getting profitable sales and then hopefully earn your business in our Growth Program.  
Typical ROI from Google Shopping?
Your ROI (return on investment) or net profit from Google Shopping really depends on the value you are presenting to customers in comparison to similar products and competitors on the market. If you are offering more value than others and have a high likelihood for repeat purchases and return visitor purchases, your ROI could be very high. However, you’d likely have average ROI at best, if you sell the exact same products as several others and have average prices, average website design, and offer no unique value. For most ecommerce companies, ROI from Google Shopping is higher than Google text ads or display ads on the Google display network.
What budget do you recommend for Google Shopping?
Google Shopping ad traffic and spend depends on several factors including competition, amount you're willing to bid, and your product data feed. Therefore, monthly estimates are impossible to get accurate. You can start with as low as $5 per day, but the more you spend the faster you can grow.  We recommend setting a test ad budget of $300 to $600 per month for two to four months to understand the market, potential traffic, and actual cost per click rates. 
Guaranteed Performance and Refunds
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee performance on Google Shopping. Our process works to validate and scale keywords and product combinations. We perform keyword research, setup campaigns, and will continue to work with you to test, validate and optimize your campaigns. Like all advertising, it is a risk. However, we offer a 7 day refund policy. After you sign up, if you do not like our service or processes for any reason, we will provide a full refund. After seven days from sign up, we do not offer refunds.
 Who owns the Google account and data? 
Great question...a lot of agencies will create their campaigns in their account and keep all the data from you, which effectively locks you in to paying them every month. This is not in your best interest. We do everything within your accounts, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Merchant Center Accounts. You retain all data, campaigns and data feeds.   
Start today with the Setup and Coaching Program 
Grow Your Sales and Profits with Google Shopping. Get Started today!
Here's what our customers have to say about 
Kurt Prosser & Easton Digital's Team
"Before we met Kurt our spending against was getting recklessly out of control. But Kurt and his team put together a plan that allowed us to reduce our overall spend while increasing our spending on words that are important to our business. We've seen a 40% reduction in with a 15% uptick in business. We highly recommend Easton Digital."
- Tom McIntyre, Owner, School Outlet

"Kurt has been nothing but great to work with, in fact I would say he has been the best outside person we work with here at Back in 2015 we hired Kurt to bring some new life to our PLA's that were bringing in next to no traffic or sales. After Kurt took over he completely turned them around and now it is our #1 advertising channel."
- James Grasty, Co-founder,  TheBroBasket

"Kurt and Easton Digital have done an amazing job at taking our Adwords marketing to another level. When we started with Kurt, we had just come out of working with a costly agency. Kurt jumped right into our account and re-organized the campaigns and ad groups to match best practices."
- Tyler Lundmark, CEO, RoomDividersNow
Have Questions? 
Schedule A Free 20-Minute Google Shopping Strategy Session!
If you still have questions as to whether we are a good fit... I'd like to offer you a free 20-minute Google Shopping Account Strategy Session and Audit.  I'll take a look at your website, products and ad account and then we will discuss specifically what we can do to grow your sales and profits. 
Meet Kurt Prosser

Google Shopping Setup & Coaching

Kurt Prosser is a former engineer and Ohio State MBA grad who turned analytic marketer. He owns multiple Amazon brands selling over seven figures annually, and is currently the CEO of Easton Digital. 

Easton Digital specializes in Google Shopping for small to mid-size eCommerce businesses. Since 2012, Kurt has helped over 500+ store owners scale and maximize their profits from Google Shopping. 
Risk-Free 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
We realize this is a commitment, and we want to make sure it is a good fit.  If you are not happy with our service for whatever reason, we will refund the last payment you have paid to us within the first 7 days. 
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